Buying, Paying Off ,Owning- What You Need To Know

Getting a New Car?
In some cases, we get people that call from the car lot afraid that they will not be covered because we don’t know about their new car yet. Although it is beneficial to get us the information as soon as possible, most companies have a grace period of a few days, so if you buy a new car over the weekend it’s okay to drive it until our company opens on Monday.

When you call in, we will need the VIN number on your new car, so as soon as you are able to get that number we suggest giving us a call. The sooner we have it the better to ensure that you are getting the right coverage for your new vehicle. It is best not to rely on the dealership to call and give your new information. While many dealerships do call us to give us information on who purchased a new vehicle from them, some of them do not, or cannot give all the information that we might need. To make sure your new car is well covered always call your insurance company yourself to tell them of any new purchases.

Paid off that Car Loan?
Congratulations! Paying off your car is a huge accomplishment. Notify us about the loan payoff so that we can remove the lienholder from your policy. This means that if you maintain comprehensive and collision (full coverage) and your vehicle were to be totaled in an accident, the payout from the insurance company for the damage would go to you instead of your bank.

Made your final Mortgage payment?
Congratulations on this huge accomplishment!
Once you have paid off your mortgage in full and have no loan servicing provider, it will be your responsibility to pay homeowners insurance and property taxes. Make sure that you contact our company and let us know you have paid your home loan in full! We will make sure the mortgage company is no longer the additional insured and remove the lender’s name off the homeowner’s insurance policy. It is important to make sure all future bills are going to the homeowner to have them paid on time and avoid any lapse in coverage.

Get Your Home Ready for Back to School

Lately, our homes have become our everything, including our office, gym, classroom, movie theater and beyond. With school starting, now’s the perfect time to whip your home into shape and get ready for a smooth school year. Here is a checklist of suggestions on how to achieve a school ready home.

Check the closet: Now is the perfect time to make room by taking out anything that is no longer worn or fits.

Dedicate a space: Set up an area, or individual hooks to organize a space for backpacks, jackets and other things that are easy to grab as you run out the door and serve as a place to hang when not in the use, so its not on the floor.

Go Grocery Shopping: Stock up on those quick and easy breakfast option like frozen protein waffles and frozen fruit too! Create a snack box to help kids be more independent, let them pack their own snacks or grab their own afterschool treat to hold them off until dinner.

Check in nightly: Before preparing for bed, check in with your kids and use the time to reset the house for the next day. You can check in with the kids while letting them choose what they may want breakfast or set out snacks or lunch options for them to take the next morning. Use this time to get organized with any schoolwork, papers, or any extras they may need to bring the next day.

Prepare workspace: Whether your children are learning remotely or going back to in-person learning, it’s important they have a dedicated spot to do homework. Keep it simple with a clear space without a lot of distractions.

Allow your kids to participate in helping make your home back to school ready. Create a plan that works the best for you and your situation, and change the clutter and chaos to an organized, calm and cool space.