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Pluggin In? May Want to Think Again.

By November 15, 2023November 21st, 2023No Comments

Before you charge up in a public space over the holidays, make sure it is safe. 

Juice Jacking is an invasion of your personal device by hackers as you are charging your battery. Criminals employ malware-injection and data extraction techniques through free chargers and public charging stations. Public places such as coffee shops, offices, airports, hotels and so many others offer public charging stations that most of us are often desperate to use them when our devices are low on power. This is where a new cyber attack vector called Juice Jacking comes into play.

The Protect yourself from Juice Jacking:

  • Carry a portable battery charger
  • Avoid USB-based charging stations in public spots and opt for an electrical outlet
  • If your only option is to use a public charging station, power off and lock your device