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Super Bowl Sunday!

It is almost time for Super Bowl Sunday! Chances are you are probably planning on getting together to eat, drink and watch some Football (or just watch the commercials and half-time show)! If you are hosting we would like to help you have a fun and safe party.

  • Slips and falls are at the top of the list for the cause of accident at home. Clean your sidewalks and driveway of snow and ice.
  • Also, remember to rearrange the inside of your house to avoid someone tripping over rugs, furniture or cords that may usually stick out.
  • While you are at it you may want to relocate any memorabilia or collectibles that could possibly be damaged are not covered under your homeowners policy.

If you would like to know what is covered under your homeowners policy, or how we can help you protect your collectibles give us a call today!