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Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

Get the most out of your spring cleaning by using our spring cleaning checklist. When you’re cleaning, it’s important to use the proper cleaning solutions. It’s even more important to know that these cleaning solutions consist of chemicals and some combinations can be extremely hazardous to your health. Please do your research before using and combining any cleaning products.


  • Change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check all electronics, make sure they are plugged in, cords are untangled and everything is plugged into a surge protector
  • Check expiration date on fire extinguishers
  • Change your air filter
  • Unblock all air vents
  • Clean bathroom fans
  • Sweep front porch and back deck
  • Store all winter items, clothes, and decorations
  • Disinfect all computer keyboards and mouse

Every Room

  • Wash Baseboards, door ceilings, window sills, doors, and walls
  • Vacuum and wash vents
  • Wash window treatments (drapes, etc.)
  • Dust blinds
  • Wash Windows – inside and out
  • Dust and shine overhead lights


  • Clean out pantry
  • Wash kitchen cabinets
  • Deep clean oven
  • Move fridge – vacuum and mop behind it
  • Vacuum coils on fridge
  • Deep clean fridge inside – wash outside

Living Room

  • Dust and wash any and all mirrors, frames, and decorative items
  • Vacuum all upholstery
  • Dust furniture and fixtures
  • Wash all throw pillows and blankets
  • Dust and polish furniture
  • Vacuum and shampoo carpets


  • Wash all bedding
  • Wash all bed and throw pillows
  • Flip Mattress – if using pillow top, rotate mattress
  • Purge anything stored you don’t want anymore


  • Clean and disinfect tub and shower
  • Wash bathmats
  • Dust and replace decorative items
  • Wash and/or replace shower liners and shower curtains


  • Update all your house first aid kits and be sure to toss expired medication while sorting other medication
  • Donate clothes items to Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or other local community organizations